Startup idea share/protect

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Startup idea share/protect

Post by jack2012 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:44 am


I am in start phase of startup, I share my plan with few people. The response I get is always good and they show more interest in project but when I send them details then they disappear.

I know, I have good idea and it can stand well in market but how to share idea. Do you have any experience to share if something went really good or really bad!

What should we share and what we should NOT share?

Please advise and share your experience.


Startup idea share/protect


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Re: Startup idea share/protect

Post by stasgr » Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:22 pm


I've been involved in a few different events, here in Helsinki, hosted by experts in the startup community and investors. They all share the same views. Talking about your idea may lead to someone taking your idea and trying to make it their own but that rarely happens and becomes something. You need to share the basics with others. This will help you learn what you should change or focus on, and to grow your contacts so you can build a team around your idea and later your startup.

This is key to moving forward with your idea as investors and accelerators don't and won't invest in your idea. It is of course important that you have an idea to work on and one that shows promise, just not as important as having a motivated team with skills that cover the basics of your startup's needs. This is what they are investing in.

Therefore you need to share the idea and build that team. There are events and places where you can build your idea, get professional guidance, and find like-minded people. Which places and events are best depends on your idea, where you specifically are in the startup phase, and what you need.

If you would like you can share the basics of your idea with me in a private message, where you are at with the idea, and what it is that you need to move it forward I can tell you where to look for help and in some cases tell you how to get the most out of them.


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