physically fit man seeking manual labor jobs

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physically fit man seeking manual labor jobs

Post by dps10485 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:46 pm

Hi and Happy summer to all,

I am a US citizen looking for some hands on work. I have been living in Helsinki permanently since 2015 and I am married to a Finn (I have a resident permit and right to work). My Finnish Language skills are minimal but I have started my studies recently and I have been able to get by with my basic knowledge of the language. I was working full time for the past two years as a handyman and I am now looking for any type of labor job. I have experience in gardening, landscaping work, factory work, demolition work, removals (like Niemi), furniture construction ( with Asko), and have experience with most power tools. I am open for any type of project and i believe i could be a good assistant to any contractor or renovation job in the house or yard. Short term projects are also welcome.

Kind Regards

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physically fit man seeking manual labor jobs


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