Lunch card benefit edenred is con and a trick

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Lunch card benefit edenred is con and a trick

Post by ellupila » Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:44 pm

This my story with #edenred Finland. the launch card benefit or loans kortti that people is usually offered as a job benefit
This is the company : and the fantastic care from The #Finnish Consumer Disputes Board
A week ago, I had approx 1000 eur in my lunch card from endenred lounas kortti.

I will have a month off without a job therefore I had to cancel their service . I contacted the edenred company to ask how long do I have time in order to use my money..... I though probably 6 month and well that is fine, but nop! I was so shock when the answer was..

“ Hello, oh no! You have 30 days time to use the balance after your employer has closed your card. You will get an email at the time and see the expiring balance in MyEdenred as well.

“ So, I suggest you start enjoying summer as much as possible: by eating your lunches out and/or going to events & doing some fun sports!”
(edenred copy pasted conversation. On customer service on Facebook)

I ask next, how many times a day can I use this card ?
It took a them one full day to answer me that I should look at the webpage. Honestly speaking that was the first thing I didi; try to use the card as many times as possible. I was panicking... this is very stressful , but all the info in the webpage was unclear to me and so, I went on field research. Finding out that you can use the amount of 10,40 eur five times a day max
You must know that when I mean field research, I mean it. I’m a service designer who practice everyday market research. I am very aware of the importance of customer service.

Edenred has no further solution than the next one : for my HR to give an extra time to get another card. My last day of work was yesterday. And that was the day they provide me with this idea that is no longer viable... all my nexus with the company have expired. As from yesterday. I was payed all my salaries and compensation.

Having a web page were informations is half way display doesn’t solve each of the questions that and individual like me may have. For sever, several questions they kept referring me to read the same webpage... I’m wondering if it was laziness or lack of answers on their part. I got this card for the first time 4 years ago, back then the service in English was close to non exiting. No body that I have ask in the streets and in several restaurant knows for certain; the use of this card. Even more so, that people, will loose their money if they change jobs or if they move abroad. This company is not just a Finnish company but one exiting under the same name in as part of a public limited cc with HQ in France. This means this is a EU company, where according to Wikipedia 44 mil people employees use this service

Bottom line ... why did I have some much money? Well it was using the card as saving piggy bank for lunch when times where tight money ways perhaps.. you never know. However they have told me this card is not a savings card. I’m torn about the fact that they suggest the automatic monthly recharges of money, special with our any notification about the limits or setting any alarms about the money collected

I am sure that this is not just my problem. I think not just a foreign issue but many Finnish and perhaps others in EU have faced loosing their money under this not so transparent policies. I truly think that this company should be fined for such of mal intention business model. And I should be compensated. the stressful addition to my life as customer and respected individual. I feel abused by this company and i don’t think this should be pass without further consideration

Thank you for you time...

..... here is the funny thing : this customer service board DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH
here is their answer...

Dear Mr./Ms.,

Thank you for your email.

The Finnish Consumer Disputes Board is a government organ operating under the Finnish Ministry of Justice. As an impartial alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body, the Board issues recommendations on disputes between consumers and businesses. The members of the Board are nominated by the Ministry of Justice. Consumer and industry groups have equal representation. Considerable emphasis is put on the legal accuracy of decisions.

Because the Board is a government organisation, we can only accept complaints in the official languages of Finland, i.e., Finnish and Swedish. However, because the Board also functions as a National Enforcement Body in matters relating to Regulation (EC) 261/2004, complaints pertaining to flight cancellation, flight delays and denied boarding can be filed in English. Provided that the affected flight was to depart from a Finnish airport or was to arrive at a Finnish airport from a non-EU country.

To maintain impartiality, we do not provide guidance or assistance to individual persons or companies. For the same reason, we're unable to comment on the specifics of your case at this point. If you wish, you can file a complaint with the Board.

A complaint needs to be signed by the passenger and sent to the Board (see below for contact information). The following information should be included:

- Name, address and signature
- Flight number and name of carrier
- Description of events
- Financial claim in euros (required)
- Proof or grounds for said claim (e.g. copies of receipts indicating costs incurred)
- Copies of tickets and other relevant documentation (not required)
- Copies of any previous correspondence with the airline

The passenger can also authorise another person to file a complaint on his or her behalf. In that case, a written authorisation signed by the passenger should be attached to the complaint, to the effect of "I hereby authorise [name] to file a complaint on my behalf with the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board regarding flight [flight number]".

After we have received a complaint with the required information described above, a copy of the complaint will be sent to the airline. When their reply arrives, it will be sent to the passenger/complainant for comments. At that point, the Board can suggest a settlement depending on the circumstances - for example, if there are clear grounds for financial compensation, the Board can explain the situation to the airline and suggest that compensation be paid. The Board prefers to settle matters instead of issuing a decision. If a matter cannot be settled, the Board will issue a written decision. The decisions of the Board are non-binding but the rate of compliance is high: well over 90% in cases involving airlines.

The postal address of the Board is as follows:
P.O. Box 306
FI-00531 Helsinki

Our official email address is [email protected] which can be used for sending PDF documents and other attachments. Please address all complaints and other official documents to [email protected]

More information on the matter can be found at: ... ights/air/ Also containing the necessary complaint forms.

Yours sincerely,

Consumer Disputes Board

Lunch card benefit edenred is con and a trick


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Re: Lunch card benefit edenred is con and a trick

Post by wolf80 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 11:01 pm

I know this type of card, and it is very common to use such a system in Finland.

So, basically, you used this service in the wrong way and used it as a savings account, even though the validity is obviously tied to your employment? And now everybody else is at fault? Even though they tried to find a solution for a rather unusual problem. I never heard from anybody that they would put so much money on the card!

Systems like these are designed so your employer can subsidize your lunch spendings, and give you benefits for a specific range of service. You either put some money on it to pay the lunch from, or connect the card to your credit card or bank account so the lunch price is paid from there automatically. When your employment with this company ends, the service of the benefit system will also end afterward.

This is not a scam. This is not a problem that has to do with foreigners. You simply didn't read the small print and misused the system. Next time put your money on a bank account, or save it in your mattress.

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