Waged employee VS toiminimi

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Waged employee VS toiminimi

Post by _doctor » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:04 pm

Hi folks

Was any of you in a situation where you can choose between becoming a toiminimi or a regular salaried employee <for some 4-5K euros a month) . If my employee doesn't really mind me becoming a toiminimi (as long as employer spends same amount), which way is more profitable? Has anybody done a calculation?

I know that toiminimi can compensate a bit of VAT (fir example you can buy a laptop cheaper) and mark some traveling as a business expense, but in my boring life employer will anyway provide laptop and will pay for biz traveling if it ever happens.

So if you exclude this sport of things, what's left? I am especially not sure of the amount toiminimi needs to pay for unemployment, lension and health insurance.

Is it in the end clearly more profitable to become a toiminimi or is it almost the same? Has anybody made this kind of calculators?

P. S.
I realize that there is bigger risk of being fired if you are a toiminimi, but in a small company it's high anyway.

Waged employee VS toiminimi


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Re: Waged employee VS toiminimi

Post by Rosamunda » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:06 pm

You would need to look at all the benefits you get as a salaried employee:

Occupational healthcare
Paid sick leave
Paid holiday
Employer's share of contributions to pension etc
Lunch vouchers/cantine
Gym subscription

and compare it to the cost of obtaining those services and benefits yourself plus the added costs of hiring a bookkeeper.

It depends how much more they would pay you if you work B2B rather than as an employee. But if the assumption is that the cost to the employer would be the same, then I probably wouldn't bother as it's not worth all the extra paperwork.

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