Työhakemus mistään !! / Job application for anything.

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Työhakemus mistään !! / Job application for anything.

Post by Punxgmaer123 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 6:10 pm


I'm a 21 year old male , currently living in Tampere. As you see yes, exactly what it says above. Not -really- a job application but simply putting it that this is a quick noticeboard.

I'm physicaly fit, an incredible work ethic. Finnish is honestly not doing well as of yet BUT My english skills are nearly fluent. SO what I'm looking for is -any- type of Job really that can be offered to me.

However.. If any type of jobs like CLEANING, CONSTRUCTIOn, FACTORY Etc.. work isn't avalible - Message me - in private!!! I have all the neccesary CV's and so ofrth ready aswell .

Lastly, acting. Yes..I am also looking into anything Acting / modelling voice over for Magazines, TV Shows, what have you. <-- If this isn't the right place here to post let me know where to go and find it.

PS: Reminder! ALl my contact, pictures,Cv's will be handed in Private to the right people!

Kiitos paljon! Hauska paivaa!

Työhakemus mistään !! / Job application for anything.


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