Wanted: House/Dog sitter over Christmas in Kyrölä (Järvenpää)

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Wanted: House/Dog sitter over Christmas in Kyrölä (Järvenpää)

Post by Cecil » Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:08 pm

Looking for a dog and house sitter for the Christmas week. I've very recently moved to Järvenpää and my dog isn't yet completely settled into her new life which is why I don't want to give her away to somebody for Christmas. I have a small house with garden about 5 minutes walking from Ainola railway station which is served by R-train (stops in Kerava, Tikkurila, Pasila and reaches Helsinki center in 25 minutes).

My dog is a rescue who is with me since May (http://embk.me/Maze2). She is a very calm if stubborn dog. She is pretty independent and low energy and has no problem being left alone for a bit. Most of her day is spent sleeping, resting, begging for food and going for very long but also pretty slow walks. She loves cuddling but isn't interested in playing. She isn't well trained yet (her food supply is limited because when I rescued her she was and still is heavily overweight but would need an operation for which she needs to shed the weight) but behaves well on a leash. That said I usually let her decide where to go and in which speed and when to go back home. She has a bit of a prey drive but usually stops when I tell her. I have a dog trainer on stand-by who can help if there are problems.

I would be gone from around 20th to 28th of December. Since my flight leaves early and arrives late staying at my place would probably also include staying the night before and after but that can be discussed on how it is easiest for you. Also I haven't yet booked the flight so changes are possible. But 28th is definitely the latest I would be back.

My dog had a not so great past life so she is a bit less comfortable around men. At my old place I had a male dog walker at first and she didn't cooperate at all. So I would prefer a female sitter. But the sofa bed fits two people so couples are also ok. My dog is definitely not fond of other dogs (no aggression, just wants to get away from them) and I have a severe cat allergy so bringing a pet is not possible.

I would expect a few visits (paid) to my place before I am leaving so that I can get my dog accustomed to her sitter. If you bring a second person I would also like to meet them once.

Wanted: House/Dog sitter over Christmas in Kyrölä (Järvenpää)


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