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Looking for work

Post by fokysss » Sat May 18, 2019 10:52 am

I am planning to move to Finland soon and before I do I would like to find a job.
About me -
I live in Latvia at the moment and I am a EU citizen. Before I decided to to seek for a new adventure in Finland I was working for over 6 years in United Kingdom and my last job was Office Coordinator.
I can speak English,Russian and Latvian unfortunately I can't speak Finnish yet :( Before I decided to move somewhere else I did research about various different countries and Finland looks like a perfect place to settle.

At this stage I am willing to accept any kind of employment as I don't speak Finnish yet and I don't expect it to be easy at the beginning.
I have NVQ qualifications from the United Kingdom in Customer Service and Business Support but then again this probably will not mean much since I don't speak Finnish. I have also previously worked in construction and gardening before I changed my career path to be more customer service focused.

Would appreciate if somebody could point me at the right direction or even better maybe somebody could offer me a job to do :thumbsup:

email - [email protected]

Looking for work


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