looking for job - please give some incites

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looking for job - please give some incites

Post by andressam » Fri Oct 25, 2019 6:07 pm

Hello to tall,

I'm a italian Graphic Designer. I worked here in Helsinki for about a year, but I've been unemployed since July this year. I did register at Te-Office and even went to the interview to come up with a integration plan, and afterwards went to Testipiste to do the assessment test. While applying to Kela, both unemployment benefits and the right to social security. Everything was working as it should up to the, up to the point that Kela's employee decided that I had no rights whatsoever. Of course, I did appeal their decision and applied for support income. However, at this point, I'm feeling completely insecure regarding counting with their financial support.

The problem is, everyone needs money, right? So do I - girl have to pay the bills. This last two months seems like a waste, because Te-Office rules about unemployment support and so on. Now I have been sending cv to all kind of places, I'm looking for job (pretty much any kinda at this stage).
Other than Graphic Designer, I have worked in Retail, as nanny, cashier, and events (although those experience took place at least 8 years ago).

I'm not married and I don't have family here. So please, if you know ANY job available please reach me out. I deeply appreciate your kindness and help.

[email protected]

looking for job - please give some incites


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