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Re: Apartment needed

Post by leisl » Fri Nov 25, 2016 5:53 pm

If you're applying to yksiös and being rejected despite having a job it is probably because you are mentioning the children. Landlords do not want small children in an yksiö. They generally prefer not to even have small children - if someone else applies to the same apartment who has none, they'll get chosen instead of you.

Under Finnish law you could just not even mention the children, as family members have a right to reside with the person who signs the lease.

The good news is, the big student rush is over now and getting an apartment isn't as tough as it was in August-October.

I suggest you view and apply for apartments and go by yourself without the children (if possible), and don't mention they even exist. Good luck.

PS. I'm assuming you are a foreigner. Your biggest useful weapon here is WHO you are - especially look for ads placed by people who don't have an agent, and when you go along to any viewing, make sure you chat and do friendly small talk with the owner. Finns tend not to do this and this is to your advantage because the landlord wants to know WHO will be living in their property. Tell them about your life (omit the kids), talk about what you love about Finland (Finns often find this nice), make sure you drop in some conversation about your job, and it doesn't hurt to dress as if you have plenty of money.

I have done this and gone along with people 4 times to viewings - and for 3 of them the person I was with was offered the property - and here is the recount:

1. Main leaseholder was unemployed and daughter had only had job for a couple of weeks - got chosen over three other parties. We were the only ones chatting to the agent.
2. I went with a young person to see a place and the whole time we made it clear I was just there for the company - young person was unemployed - agent happily chatted about his personal life. It turned out the agent had privs to nominate the tenant on the owner's behalf, and he offered it to her before she even filled out an application - while other parties were in there viewing the apartment but not saying a word to the agent, just quietly filling out application forms.
3. I went to view a commercial property. I don't have a registered business and I don't have a regular income. I went in, chatted with the owner, talked about why I'm in Finland, my family background, how I never wanted to leave Finland etc. I told her the property was even nicer than I expected, outlined my reasons for needing it. She offered it to me on the spot.

This doesn't mean it's easy for foreigners to get a place. But you have to use the advantages you have.

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Re: Apartment needed

Post by Fizbiz » Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:35 pm

Thanks for the tips. I will try that now :)

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