Exchange piano lessons or accompaniment / piano practice

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Tian Tian
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Exchange piano lessons or accompaniment / piano practice

Post by Tian Tian » Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:30 pm

Moi moi!

I am a piano teacher, pianist and accompanist in a conservatory in Paris area, living in Paris. I regularly come to Finland every holidays to see my boyfriend. Since I need to practice my piano to prepare concerts, I propose to give you some piano lessons or accompany any instrument or singer in exchange for practising the piano. Since I come only two weeks, it wouldn't be regular or suitable lessons to start the piano in my opinion, but can be useful if you need another ear to give you advices and help you improving. Of course I can also teach beginners.

My class in the conservatory is mostly based on classical music, but I extend it to jazz, world music, singing, improvisation, duets, etc according to the pupil's wishes. I always keep in mind music should be a joyful learning, stressing the musicality overall.
I also propose accompaniment, for any instrument or voices, in any purpose.

Please understand that I am a professional musician and therefore need to practice regularly, I would hope 2h per day, on a piano which is preferably tuned. I won't accept an electrical piano for an exchange. I suggest 1h of lesson or accompaniment therefore for an adult, 30 min for a child.
The preferred area is in Vantaa, around Louhela and Myyrmäki station, but Helsinki is also fine.
Languages for a lesson or accompaniment : English and French.

If you are interested or have any questions , don't hesitate to message me, I will give you a quick answer. I will be in Finland this coming Wednesday 8/02.


Exchange piano lessons or accompaniment / piano practice


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