Frequentative and Momentane Verbs

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Rob A.
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Frequentative and Momentane Verbs

Post by Rob A. » Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:43 am

Here are a couple of wikipedia links I thought were interesting...

I have been noticing certain patterns while my Finnish vocabulary has been of these is the occurrence of -ele- and -ahta- in many verbs.... The wikipedia article explains it much better than I... The -ele- marker indicates a single action repeated...and the -ahta- marker indicates a short, sudden action...:D

For example, sataa..."to rain"...sadella ..."to rain occasionally"...kirjoittaa and kirjoitella

English has this, too, but I, for one, never learned English grammar with reference to such a concept...the wikipedia article says the English frequentative is no longer "productive"...but examples are "daze"/"dazzle"...."drip"/"dribble"...which also displays a form of consonant mutation...a pale reflection of the Finnish consonant gradation regime, I guess... :wink:

The Momentane is defined this way..."In Finnish grammar, the momentane is a verb aspect indicating that an occurrence is sudden and short-lived."

An example would be this:

täristä... "to shake (continuously)" → tärähtää... "to shake suddenly once" →tärähdellä... "to shake, such that a single, sudden shaking is repeated"....The first is the basic verb form; the second is the "momentane"; and the third combines both the "momentane" and the" frequentative."

I thought this was interesting... I guess this is the "analytical" way of learning a language, which seems to be the way I like to learn...rather than just relying on memory...As for English, I think most native English-speakers just rely on memory...I know I do, and I suspect, for Finnish, most native Finnish-speakers probably do the same...:D

Frequentative and Momentane Verbs


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Jukka Aho
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Re: Frequentative and Momentane Verbs

Post by Jukka Aho » Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:59 am

Thanks for the links. Although the concepts are familiar (of course!) and their usage comes naturally to a native speaker, I hadn’t seen them named and explained in an analytical way before.
Rob A. wrote:and the -ahta- marker indicates a short, sudden action...:D
Aamupöydässä oli hiljaista. Mies katsahti vaimoaan sanomalehden yli.
Rob A. wrote:"daze"/"dazzle"...."drip"/"dribble"...which also displays a form of consonant mutation...
That’s interesting. These words have been in my personal “vocabulary” for a long time but it didn’t occur to me there could be a systematic pattern in forming one from the other.

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