TEFL online?

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TEFL online?

Post by shellynyc » Mon Sep 06, 2004 5:43 pm

does anyone know if it matter if you get your certificate online or not? I would like to enroll in a course online but im not sure if its bad or not...does anyone know if it matter

TEFL online?


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Post by Rosamunda » Mon Sep 06, 2004 10:44 pm

The course will ultimately dish you out some kind of a certificate and some schools will give you a job but IMO they are dodgy. If I were recruiting teachers and I had a choice between a teacher with an on-line TEFL certificate and one with a TEFL cert from say ih or a "real" uni - I know which I would go for. A "good" TEFL includes teaching pratice, peer teaching, observation and mentoring, tutorials as well as written assignments. I know the on-line classes ask you to submit lesson plans but honestly.... nobody can test your teaching skills over the internet. I guess they are OK for getting to grips with some of the theory.......

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