Intensive 4-week Finnish private tuition offered - Skype

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Intensive 4-week Finnish private tuition offered - Skype

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I am a native Finnish speaking private language tutor offering an intensive 4-week (6 hrs each weekend) language tuition course for Beginner Level Finnish students. Since the lessons will be carried out via Skype, you can be located anywhere in the world. Perhaps you're planning to move to Finland soon and would like to learn the basics before your arrival, or you've lived in Finland for a while but haven't got around to learning the basics, or maybe you want to learn this unique language for the pure challenge of it!

Our lessons will cover speaking, listening and writing, with the focus being on speaking and learning to handle everyday situations in Finnish. We will cover the following topics:
- Pronounciation (ääntäminen)
- Beginner's grammar and sentence structures (peruskielioppi ja lauserakenne)
- Key phrases and vocabulary (yleiset sanonnat ja sanasto)
- Asking questions (kysymykset)
- Introducing yourself (esittäytyminen)
- Purchasing things at a store (kaupassakäynti)
- Ordering at a restaurant (ravintolassa tilaaminen)
- Any specialist vocabulary as requested

The lessons will take place on one-on-one basis through Skype over the weekends, with 3 hours on Saturday and another 3 hours on Sunday for a 4-week period (24 hours in total). My private tuition rates start from £16 / €20 per hour, and include any course materials, homework and a free intial chat on Skype to discuss the content of the course and any learning preferences.

Please drop me a message if you would like more information and I am happy to answer any questions :)

Jutellaan pian!

Intensive 4-week Finnish private tuition offered - Skype


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