Websites for finnish language

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Websites for finnish language

Post by Papu » Thu Jun 16, 2005 9:35 am


I would like to collect some helpful websites for learning and practicing the finnish language. There are quite good online-courses out there.

Here´s my personal favorites: --> vocab-trainer by Phil. This helped me a lot before coming to Finland to get some basic vocab. The good thing is that you don´t need a teacher or a book.

http://donnerwetter.kielikeskus.helsink ... -index.htm
extensive site with listening comprehension, texts, grammar. you can download the whole site. I downloaded the Audio and burned it on a CD to listen to while driving. - lot´s of reading comprehension, complete with dictionary, grammar, etc. The texts always focus on some grammar-topic. Verbix - conjugate any finnish verb. very, very well done!! SupiSuomea from YLE. Grammar, reading comprehension, exercises... well done.

Of course the best way you´ll learn finnish is by taking a course in Finland. But studying online might help you get some idea of the language before you come.

[Admin Edit 15/9/2015 - Thanks Hyyrynen] - Grammar - Grammar - Conjugator - Noun/Adjective declension and conjugator - You download the .pdf and follow along with the tapes - News written in simple language together with a native finn reading them slowly.


Websites for finnish language


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