Intensive courses Tapiola, Espoo region?

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Intensive courses Tapiola, Espoo region?

Post by Retread » Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:48 pm

Hi all.
I'm looking for an intensive course or multiple courses to attend in the Espoo (preferably Tapiola) region. I see there are quite a few in Leppävaara and one or two in Tapiola. I'd prefer to be able to ride a bicycle to lessons. I'm living in 02200 Mankkaa at the moment. Leppävaara is just a little too far to ride in this winter weather, but I guess I could if there are no other choices.

Goal: learn the language quite quickly from a native speaker. Happy to spend money to. I'd rather attend classes as I find it more motivating and gets me out of the house.

This is my 2nd time living in Finland after a 13 yr break. I have basic level, probably somewhere between basic and intermediate.

I listen to Finnish radio and occasionally selkosuomeksi

There seems so much on offer, but it gets a little confusing after a while searching. I was hoping for something similar to what is offered to youngsters 5 days a week. But being 48, I don't think I could pass for a 29 year old :-)

Any ideas or suggestions?


Intensive courses Tapiola, Espoo region?


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