Why join Finland Forum?

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Why join Finland Forum?

Post by Support » Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:54 pm

How much is membership?
:arrow: Finland Forum membership is free!

Do I HAVE to register?
:arrow: No, but becoming a member brings several benefits:
- You can post to the forum.
- You'll become a member of the Finland Forum community.
- Less ads!
- Make new friends.
- You can give something back/help others.
- You can subscribe to threads and receive email updates when replies are made.

Where do I signup?
:arrow: Right here!

Note: Finland Forum takes security very seriously. Unlike other websites, no information (including email addresses) are ever sold or supplied to 3rd parties and we work hard to ensure the integrity of the system is upheld at all times.

Why join Finland Forum?


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