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Post by Hank W. » Fri Jul 18, 2003 11:32 am

Caroline wrote: What defines the line between "good-natured teasing" and "abuse" or "prejudice"?
There is a term in Finnish called "vittuilla kuoliaaksi".

It means basically you verbally abuse someone untill they die of it. This is a natural sport, the people of Oulu though lack the talent, but wait for some guy from Joensuu...

This is a talent useful say in a bar when you have someone sitting to your table you want to get rid of. The best result is the person leaves without noticing he's been "had" all night.

As a sidenote: Some linguist can try translating "vittuilu". I doubt even the Dutch have such a term, even they use "kommaneuker" as we do here. In English, a comma-fornicator isn't quite just the same...

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