Yoga courses and private yoga lessons in English!

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Yoga courses and private yoga lessons in English!

Post by stephaniefreeman » Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:50 am

Dear English speaking people in the Helsinki Metropolitan area!

My name is Stephanie Freeman (PhD in behavioral sciences & Registered Yoga teacher). I have developed a new yoga concept ' Science and Yoga Dialogue- Ajatus & Asana' for gaining deeper self-knowlege and vitality of the body ( I offer all my services also in English (since I am a bilingual Finn-Brit). I teach yogacourses in Eira (a cosy wooden parket hall in the Era Nova Bookshop) and individual/two-person sessions in Etu-Töölö), for the time being. An English Yoga course starts in January 2014 (

You may be interested in my services if you:

Want to deepen your self-knowledge by exploring the connections between your bodily pain spots and emotions? Want to find a more stress-free rhythm of life? Want to learn to practice yoga safely and independently, without the constraints of time and place? Tools for the body and the mind, with a grounded, sincere and open hearth. An alternative for "drop in" yoga. Quality and an easy going atmosphere. Individual-based teaching in small groups or in individual private sessions.

Ajatus & Asana is Investigative Yoga geared at gaining deeper Self-knowledge. ‘Ajatus’ (Thought) directs attention to the creative potential of the human mind, and to my science-based understanding of the developmental possibilities of an adult learner. The Sanskrit name ‘Asana’ means a comfortable posture. Hence, yoga can be characterized as bodymind movement powered by breath. It is respectful and gentle in its capacity to strengthen. In my ‘Asana’ exercises, I combine postures and movements from different yoga traditions for creating a well-balanced and safe practice. Meditation plays an important part in my yoga courses.

I offer yoga courses, personal coaching sessions, meditation evenings, yoga & self-knowledge days, retrets and lectures on motivation,sociality and yoga. Contact: [email protected] or 040-5224889. Learn more about my products at: You can follow upcoming events at:

Once you start listening, you realize how wise the body can be. It whispers, it shouts, it laughs, it hums, it purrs of contentment. It converses. Ready to start a dialogue with your body? Come and to try one of my courses!

Welcoming you with an open and sincere hearth,


Science and Yoga Dialogue 'Ajatus & Asana'

Yoga courses and private yoga lessons in English!


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