Australia, Finland, and Your Opinion.

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Australia, Finland, and Your Opinion.

Post by soldrake » Sun Jan 22, 2023 5:38 pm


I'm from India, thinking of moving and studying in Finland. I completed my bachelors in IT in 2022, now I want to pursue a masters in CS abroad.

For this reason, I chose Finland, a land of a thousand lakes. After doing a lot of research for quite some time I decided that I should go to Finland.
My goal is to learn new & deepen the understanding of CS by completing my masters and get a job there.
So that I can gain diverse and international experience, and contribute to the society.

So, I applied to most of the universities, both in joint and separate applications and now awaiting results.

But, here's my family and relatives come into the picture, they're all firmly saying that I should go to Australia because a lot of folks from my city are going there, and doing quite decently. So, they said I should also go with this flow. But I don't want to.
I want to go to Finland, and I'm not saying this half assed, I've done quite a lot of research for this, and then I made this decision. I know finnish winters are quite harsh, it's always gloomy and dark but I think I'll be able to cope up with it because I like winters and I think I'll like snow too, so Finland - A wonderland in winters and beautiful summers, it's a perfect place for me. And I think this is the perfect country for an introverted person like me.

So what do you all think overall, is Australia better than Finland in terms of good quality life, health care, public transport, job sector?
Will I be able to get a part time job in Finland with a decent pay and then after I complete my masters, will I be able to get a job in the IT sector?
The taxes are quite high in Finland but it comes with many benefits, are those benefits worth it?
And most importantly, how should I convince my parents so that they will feel reassured and supportive so that I can move to Finland?

Also, should I take an education loan to show funds, so that this doesn't take a toll on my parents and I think I should fund my own education.
Will I be able to pay off the loan on my own?
For starters during my studies, I will be doing a part time job and then I will search for a job related to IT.

Please also point out possible recession in upcoming months, will Finland be less affected as compared to Australia and other countries in Europe?

Please share your experiences and/or two cents.

TL;DR: I'm considering moving to Finland for a Master's in Computer Science but facing opposition from my family who wants me to go to Australia. Seeking advice on pros and cons of studying in Finland, how to convince my family, and if I should take out an education loan. Also curious about the potential impact of an upcoming recession in Finland.

Australia, Finland, and Your Opinion.


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Re: Australia, Finland, and Your Opinion.

Post by FinlandGirl » Mon Jan 23, 2023 12:43 pm

soldrake wrote:
Sun Jan 22, 2023 5:38 pm
For starters during my studies, I will be doing a part time job and then I will search for a job related to IT.
Outside IT, gig economy jobs delivering food or cleaning apartments are the only realistic options for people who are not speaking Finnish fluently.

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Re: Australia, Finland, and Your Opinion.

Post by Flossy1978 » Wed Feb 15, 2023 6:14 am

No housing in Australia. It's a !"#¤% show here at the moment. Very expensive and getting moreso by the day. Lots of homelessness happening. More expensive than Finland nowadays, except for electricity lol. But the Government prefers migrants over their own people, so just come and you'll be treated like royalty and then you can stay and then eventually bring all your family over lol.

Seriously, I'd go to Finland. You have all of Europe at your feet. Australia is fantastic, but to get to experience all those different countries would be even better. There's a better work life balance in Finland. If you have a family there you are also better off. All that stuff for kids free and cheaper than here.

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