job search: maintenance/gardening/cleaning sector (German + English)

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job search: maintenance/gardening/cleaning sector (German + English)

Post by Marli2023 » Fri Jan 27, 2023 12:40 pm

Hi everyone,
we are planning to move to Finland in the next few months. Before we can realise it, my boyfriend needs to find work in the Helsinki region 😉 (I have a long-term job at a German company).

Here in Germany, my boyfriend is self-employed with an own facility management and gardening company. He has many years of work experience in the gardening sector and was responsible for cleaning several company buildings in the past and property management. He speaks fluent German, has basic English skills (e.g. understands tasks and orders) and we just started a Finnish language course together to gain at least some basic knowledge before our move to Finnland.

Do you have any ideas where he could send his applications or know someone who might look for a very motivated employee in the maintenance/gardening/cleaning sector and needs a full-time job? (I know about the importance of learning Finnish – we are working on it 😉 )

Best regards

job search: maintenance/gardening/cleaning sector (German + English)


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