Waiting for the RP and planning to travel to home country.

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Waiting for the RP and planning to travel to home country.

Post by tofusoup » Thu Oct 05, 2023 2:49 am

Hi! I recently just got married with a Finnish spouse, currently waiting for the process of RP, got a letter from Migri that I’m legally staying in Finland while waiting for it, even though the old RP is expired but the lady said the paper from them now is enough to stay here.
My question is, would it be possible to travel to my home country (non-EU) for a while and if i got my decision there while i’m there?
I know that I’m not allowed to travel inside the Schengen area while waiting, and I’m not planning to do so, but i read at (raja.fi) that it is allowed to travel outside the Schengen border (the only problem is coming back before the decision, so that’s why I’m thinking to wait in home country if possible as i haven’t met my family in a really long time)

ps. this is the answer from raja website (Can I travel? You can travel from Finland to a country outside the Schengen Area while your residence permit application is being processed. Take your certificate of pending application from the Finnish Immigration Service with you. You will need a valid visa when you return to Finland and to the Schengen Area.)

Thank you so much!!

EDIT : called Migri and Raja office this morning, that it is possible to travel to home country while waiting for the RP even though the previous ones expired, by showing the paper from Migri that i am in fact in pending process, as long as i am waiting in my home country for the decision, and also traveling with the first out is Finnish border and not other Schengen countries so the Finnish border can check my application and then let me go out :)

Waiting for the RP and planning to travel to home country.


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