Cotton Fabric Care Laundry help

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Cotton Fabric Care Laundry help

Post by AmaraWisteria » Thu Apr 04, 2024 12:30 pm

Since moving to London a few weeks ago, I've been enjoying my time here immensely. However, navigating grocery shopping and daily necessities has been challenging due to my inability to understand Finnish labels. Regarding laundry:

Could you recommend a stain remover similar to "BIORESTORE" that I used in the UK.?
I have a front-loading washing machine; is there a specific laundry Powder I should use for it?
How do you typically do laundry here? Is it necessary to separate by colors like in the U.K?
Lastly, is there a laundry detergent suitable for delicate fabrics

Cotton Fabric Care Laundry help


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