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Post by PeterF » Wed Nov 19, 2003 10:42 am

maxwell wrote:Oh dear. with two Cornishmen (Vickery and Woodman) amongst their number.
this is one game which the English will win.
I hope you are right Maxwell..I think that the Vicker had a lot to say in the tactics which beat the French..half the Gloster team are French now and dont forget he played under French coach at Gloster..Philippe Saint Andre.
Some French coaches dont have one track minds.."run ..pass"..only works if it is dry..a couple of world class centres can snuff out that
He did not insist that they tried to run with the ball in half a meter of mud.
Tactic was simple..keep it tight ..keep the ball in the pack ..keep your cool when it gets rough..let the opposition make the mistakes and loose their cool.. let the ref blow his whistle..then hand the ball to the kicker and point him at the post..keep those three points coming..boring but it wins matches..
Thing which pissed me off was the the London Press and the Twickers Tie Mob would cry..."spoilers of open rugby.. shame!" when Gloster stuffed the Harlequins or Wasps..but when England use the same methods against the French it .."Jolly good show boys!"..Baah hum bug!

p.s. Did I forget to say I once played for Gloster..?
Had some good tours to Cornwall. :wink: ..but once we Got into a spot a bother with a flock of sheep which we took into a Truro Pub/Hotel..but the oggies helped us clean up the mess... :roll:
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