Bitter Chanterelles

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Bitter Chanterelles

Post by harryc » Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:57 pm

I like to dry mushrooms - even when eating fresh - I let them dry out fair amount.

Find the flavor intensidies - and like the resulting texture as opposed to the slippery stuff.


I've noticed that Chanterelles do become bitter -

found this: ... be-avoided ... be-avoided

so - in the future will dump the soak water!

anybody with own experiences?

as suppilos aree in the same family - I'm wondering if that liquid should be chucked too - though I have not noticed the degree of bitterness as in the C's. I'll try the next time when using the dried suppilos.

btw - probably good idea to dump the water in any case ... tamiseksi/

Bitter Chanterelles


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