Lionbridge is hiring speakers of many languages.

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Lionbridge is hiring speakers of many languages.

Post by Ira_Titarenko » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:31 pm

Lionbridge is looking for foreigners for remote work (see the list below). As a member of Lionbridge's freelance talent pools, you will receive a variety of assignments including audio transcription, linguistic annotation, testing and coordination.

If interested please follow the link for your language to registration on our portal.
IMPORTANT: during the registration put WRITING AND TRANSLATION in the Industry field. Use Firefox or Chrome!

Afrikaans -
Arabic (Modern Standard, Egypt):
Arabic (Levant):
Arabic (Maghreb, Morocco) :
Belarusian -
Bulgarian -
Catalan (Spain) -
Croatian -
Dutch (Netherlands) -
Esperanto -
Estonian -
German (Germany) -
Greek (Greece) -
Hebrew -
Hindi (India) -
Hungarian -
Japanese (Japan) -
Korean (Korea) -
Kyrgyz -
Lithuanian -
Malay -
Mongolian -
Persian (Iran) -
Portuguese (Portugal) -
Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic) - ,
Romanian (Romania) -
Slovak -
Spanish (US) -
Urdu (India) -
Uzbek -
Yoruba -
Zulu (South Afrika) -

Please ask for more information by e-mail [email protected]
Share this info if you have friends who may be interested.

Lionbridge is hiring speakers of many languages.


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