URGENTLY LOOKING FOR A JOB! (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo)

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URGENTLY LOOKING FOR A JOB! (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo)

Post by Manuela » Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:37 pm

My name is Manuela and i am 28 years old, originally from Germany!
I have worked as a Nanny/Lastenhoitaja for the last 3 years while living in Helsinki...unfortunately the parents
of the Child had to move to Copenhagen due to a Job and now i am looking for a new position!
I have worked in a private Daycare during Springtime but unfortunately they are closing in the near future too,
so i don't even have a part time job anymore!
I am looking for a full-time Position such as Nanny, Daycare and/or Housekeeping. I have lots of experience in that
field and back in Germany i have worked with Kids as well, so that's my main task.
Of course if you are interested, i have references and other things to show (such as criminal record certificate in working with children etc.)
Ideally i am looking for a position that has to do something with Children or Animals even (like walking the Dog)

Other than that i would also like to work as a Customer Carer via Phone which i have a done in Germany a lot too and
always enjoyed it. I am very communicative and open minded, so there is absolutely no Problem with that.
I would be also happy with Kitchen Helper and/or Cleaning Jobs since i just don't wanna be unemployed anymore :)

My language skills are: German, English and Finnish*

*Finnish skills are quite reasonable and while working with Kids or Babies, i have never had a Problem understanding them or communicate with them, so that shouldn't be the Problem!

If you can help me or know something where i could apply please contact me!

[email protected]

URGENTLY LOOKING FOR A JOB! (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo)


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