Hello Guys - Newbie - Please answer these questions"

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Hello Guys - Newbie - Please answer these questions"

Post by joshdavid816 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:14 pm

Hell guys 0 Newbie - Please answer these questions

I want to move to Finland soon.

The questions:

1) Is it possible to have a dual citizenship - Finland and UK? I am about to be granted a British Citizenship.

I do not know how I will be granted a Finland Citizenship? Do I actually need it? What are its benefits?

2) Link to point 1, is there an alternative to the Fin Citizenship? Can I just go for a Finland residence permit?

What are its benefits and drawbacks?

3) When I become British Citizen, how long am I required to stay in the UK for and Finland for without losing my UK Citizenship and Fin Citizenship/Residence?

For example, that I am required to stay 6 months every year in the UK so I keep my UK citizenship and 6 months every year in Fin so that I do not lose my Fin residence?

4) Please direct me to Finland jobs. I am a near native English speaker. Which websites and resources could I find Finland jobs in?


Hello Guys - Newbie - Please answer these questions"


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Re: Hello Guys - Newbie - Please answer these questions"

Post by wolf80 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:51 pm

I refuse to answer any questions before you tell more about your situation. You just got the UK citizenship, so why are you looking for jobs in Finland? Do you even speak Finnish?

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Re: Hello Guys - Newbie - Please answer these questions"

Post by Rosamunda » Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:23 pm

Information about gaining Finnish citizenship can be found by a quick google http://www.migri.fi/finnish_citizenship
The Migri website gives you all the information you need.
Male Finnish citizens under 30 yrs of age, are required to complete six months of military service.

It is possible to have dual citizenship (my children have both UK and Finnish citizenship).
If you have no ties to Finland, then you would need to be living here for five years and pass a language exam before you can begin the application process. I am not sure how Brexit will affect that process, probably not at all.

When you receive your UK citizenship you will be able to seek work here as any EU citizen can. If you are working here, you can live here as a British citizen without applying for Finnish citizenship. But that may change in the future.

Your chances of finding work here, without speaking Finnish, are quite low unless you have specific skills that are in short supply and where Finnish is not required eg: IT skills. You can find a job by using MOL: http://www.mol.fi

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