Buy a house or building on a plot?

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Buy a house or building on a plot?

Post by Sippi » Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:22 pm

Im sure theres lots of questions like this but i want to add my own:-)
I’m moving to Finland when I’m 18, and I have a finnish citizenship.

I want to own at least 5 acres of land because i want a small personal farm. I dont care about living close to a city, thats not important. Id like to be close to water but its not necessary.

I want to build a small house/cottage, garage, small sauna, toolshed, and small barn if possible. I would build some fences and such for animals.

Is it better to buy a plot and build on it? Or would it be easier to buy an existing house on a large plot of land and add in what i want afterwards? This would be my only and permanent home.

Thank you!!!

Buy a house or building on a plot?


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Re: Buy a house or building on a plot?

Post by FinnGuyHelsinki » Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:41 pm

Stating the obvious, naturally it's easier to buy ready than build yourself. Legally one cannot just go ahead and build something, even if you own the land and know how to. There are various types of rules and regulations one must adhere to, depending on the area and the type of building in question. Any housing construction project even for a professional is a major task, and it can get expensive. That being said, a certain level of prosessional help is (practically) required even when buying, to properly assess the real estate.

I don't know your situation, but I'd strongly urge you to take one step at a time, starting with settling into the country in the first place, and only then go further with your plans.

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Re: Buy a house or building on a plot?

Post by Songague » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:15 am

I really needed your help. I can’t thank you enough

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