RP for Au Pair - Processing times

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RP for Au Pair - Processing times

Post by Edna_N » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:39 pm

Hello everyone! :)

My name is Edna and I'm from Mexico. I recently joined this forum hoping to find some useful information, which I did! :lightbulb:

I'm not sure if this topic has already been addressed or if it's too repetitive, please excuse me if that's the case.

I recently applied for a RP for Au Pair. I have been in contact with the host family since May but I received the contract and other documents from them until August, so I was able to complete the online application until Sep 1st.

My question is: Does it really take up to 6 months to receive the decision? (according to the processing times in migri.fi)
Do we also have to take into consideration (in case the decision is positive) the time it would take for the RP card to arrive to the embassy?
Are there any other extra "times" that should be considered besides the 2-6 month to get the decision?

I'm starting to worry about the host family maybe cancelling the contract or looking for other options since I know they need the help and wanted the Au Pair to be in Finland by October.

I would really appreciate any advice, tip or suggestion.
Thank you in advance! :wink:

RP for Au Pair - Processing times


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Re: RP for Au Pair - Processing times

Post by Edna_N » Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:44 am

Hello everyone, I decided to post an update about the status of my application, maybe it would be helpful for someone else.

Timing of my application:

9/6/2019 You have proved your identity and a diary number has been created for your application. Y
10/28/2019 Your application is waiting for your reply to a request for supplementary information.
11/4/2019 You have replied to a request for supplementary information.
12/8/2019 A decision has been made on your application.
12/8/2019 The decision can be read on your user account.
12/8/2019 You have received the decision.
12/8/2019 The processing of your application has started. Contacting us does not speed up the processing of the application. If we need further information from you, we will send you a request through this service.

Long story short, I received a NEGATIVE decision this past Sunday; the only reason stated was "the applicant does not have basic knowledge of the Finnish language or culture". The decision was quite shocking, given the fact that both the family host and myself sent several emails to Migri (months before submitting the application) asking them if the online courses selected would be valid and would cover the language requirement, to which Migri replied that online courses were OK as long as it provided a certificate of the content taken.

I am still unsure if I should appeal the decision or not.

In the meantime, the host family has already contacted Migri to ask them about the decision received and
why the received misleading information about the language courses that ended up affecting negatively
the decision of the RP.

Any comment or opinion are always welcome! :)

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Re: RP for Au Pair - Processing times

Post by inkku » Thu Dec 12, 2019 8:24 am

".... basic knowledge of the Finnish language or culture".
My reading here would be that you should somehow have demonstrated interest and some knowledge about Finland and Finnish culture. The basic idea of au pair system is that you come to stay in a family, as a family member and you take part of their daily life, getting to know the society and their culture inside. It is not a proper job, nanny or something.
My guess is that perhaps you did not show any specific interest or knowledge about Finland at all. Perhaps for you, it could have been any other country but the authorities wanted to see somebody who loves Finland and is determined to come to the country to get to know it better.

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Re: RP for Au Pair - Processing times

Post by Mitch19 » Thu Dec 12, 2019 11:18 am

In my opinion,I think Migri is just out to give negative decision for the sake of it!The mere essence of the Au pair program is cultural exchange and get to know and experience the culture of the host family.How do they deny you based on the 'course' of the program??

If you have written evidence on email of them clarifying that the online language course is sufficient - I will highly advice you to appeal!..

And again,one of the other pre-requistie of Aupairing is,the host family should support you in learning the language of the host country While you are already an aupair,and if the language of engagement with the host Family is English - Why should Finnish language knowledge be a determining factor?

If what you have provided in your case is true and your host family is in support - I would suggest you appeal

All the best.

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Re: RP for Au Pair - Processing times

Post by Edna_N » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:11 pm

Thank you for both of your replies.

Besides submitting a certificate of completion from two Udemy courses of basic Finnish (which I found really helpful), I also submitted an essay of my interest in Finland, which is genuine (I listen to a lot of finnish music) and thought it was kinda corny to explain all of the reasons why I love Finland but I did anyway; I've been fascinated by this country since I was 12 years old (now I'm 26), I also went to Europe for the first time this summer and spent 1 week in finland and I actually got to meet the host family and the kids.

I also should have mentioned that both parents and the older kid speak English too. Also, the main interest of the parents is that I teach the kids Spanish (my mother tongue) and talk in Spanish on a daily basis. And of course the family will pay for my finnish courses.
All of that information was explained in the application so it makes no sense that they rejected my application based on my lack of "knowledge of basic Finnish language and culture).

Another weird thing is that there was a huge mistake in the Decision Letter I received, the agent from Migri stated that besides the 2 kids, the family had also new babyborn in September, which is totally false and we have no idea where that false information came from.

The family has decided to contact Migri and sent an email directed to the head unit. I hope we receive a response soon before proceeding with the formal appeal.

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