Noisy neighbor and bad house manager's service

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Noisy neighbor and bad house manager's service

Post by ufo2alien » Wed May 20, 2020 9:53 pm

Hello everyone!

Here i just want to share with my problem of living.
Problem is not new, but I was surprised how it was solved (actually it was not solved, but as we know everytime possible to find some solution).

I moved to Finland year ago and found my living place in Torkkelinmäki (Helsinki).
In December of 2019 neighbor next door started to hit the wall and floor at night(I still don't understand what is the source of noise, its like doing some specific exercises or moving furniture, or fixing). First time i tried to be patient and thought that it must be ended soon. But no.

It is impossible to sleep at all. Even if you get a nap, one more hit to wall make me anxious. That was happened usually between 1-6am, with different periods.
First of all, I ask my landlady what to do. So I tried to speak with neighbor, texted paper messages. Only once she replied me without opening door, saying OK. But effect was temporary. One week it was quiet, then started again.
I complained to house managing company, my landlady did same. After first complaint noise stopped for 1.5 weeks, after returned.
First time they asked me to write all time when it is happening and record noise,
I collected it all and wrote second complaint with adding audiorecord to mail and waited for response.
When I called to ISTUPA (name of housing company) and they surprisingly replied - "Yes, we made her a call, but we can't do anything more, sorry!"
But I said - how, it has no effect, I cannot sleep and I need work everyday, there must work finnish laws about quite hours!!
She again me replied that cant do anything more and she suggests me to move out!
Perfect service!!!
Now I'm just trying to be patient last couple of days in this flat and do not get mad.. :x

Noisy neighbor and bad house manager's service


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